What Factors Play Important Roles In Quality Of A Kitchen Sink?

Top Mount Single Basin Sink

What Factors Play Important Roles In Quality Of A Kitchen Sink?

What Factors Play Important Roles In Quality Of A Kitchen Sink?

You depend on your kitchen sink to facilitate numerous chores throughout the day—from washing fruits for breakfast, prepping vegetables for lunch to cleaning up post dinner—your kitchen sink is your go-to from early breakfasts to midnight snacks. More than just an appliance, your kitchen sink is perhaps the most essential tool in your home.

Hence it’s extremely important to make sure that when you’re buying a kitchen sink, you get one of superior quality, one that’s durable enough to meet all your daily needs.

What is it that makes a kitchen sink considered high quality, you may ask?

Since they all pretty much look the same and are capable of more or less the same tasks, it might be a hard decision to make. Don’t worry; we’re here to help with that. Here’s a list of factors to keep in mind:


The material of your kitchen sink obviously has a direct impact on its durability. Here are some durable, good quality materials you can choose from:

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Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the most popular option for a sink; it is easy to clean and extremely durable. Sinks made using stainless steel are not as prone to scratches or dents, making them last longer than other material sinks.

They can be molded into different sink designs like top mount single basin sink, under mount single or double basin sinks.

Granite Composite

Kitchen sinks made of granite composite materials are also very durable and don’t show scratches or water marks. Heat, stain, impact and chip resistant, they are extremely easy to clean and maintain.


For anyone who wants a white kitchen sink, fireclay sinks are great options. They are manufactured using clay which fired at high temperatures and so they remain scratch and stain resistant. It is very easy to clean the surface by just using dishwashing soap or a mild cleaning solution.

Under mount vs Top mount

Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks give off a perfectly sleek and clean look to the kitchen, making them the perfect choice for anyone with a modern kitchen model. These kitchen sinks also make cleaning up easier because they are seamless with no exposed edges or rims for debris to get stuck in.

Top Mount Sinks

The most popular and traditional kind of kitchen sink is the top mount single basin sink. It is directly installed into the counter which allows it to drop in and creates a lip or rim around the sink. It is extremely economical and easy to install.

Top mount kitchen sinks can be made using any kind of material as they provide extra support, so they are quite a versatile and easy option to implement.


Sinks made with thicker material are more durable, and generally able to withstand more wear and tear. Thicker material also enhances the functionality of the sink.

However, thicker material sinks are also more likely to be pricier than others. The least expensive stainless steel kitchen sink, for example, is the 22 gauge which is 0.0312 inches thick. These sinks are prone to denting easily.

Thinner stainless steel has a higher gauge number, and thicker stainless steel has a lower number. An 18 gauge sink has a thickness of 0.0500 inches and is much more durable than a 22 gauge one.

A 16 gauge stainless steel sink is 0.0625 inches thick and hence considered to be a luxury because of the high quality of material.

Hard Water

Sometimes, the quality of water can impact the quality of your kitchen sink. Extremely hot water can often be detrimental to the quality of your sink. Also, hard water can easily stain some materials like stainless steel. It is important to ensure that the surface is wiped dry with a soft cloth if hard water is used.

Cleaning Techniques

Using harsh, abrasive solutions to clean kitchen sinks can ruin the quality of the sink. When picking a kitchen sink, pick a material and design that is easy to clean.

Use a mild detergent and a fiber brush or a soft sponge to clean the sink, in order to make sure that you’re not causing any damage to its quality or durability.

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