Kitchen Sink Placement: Why You Should Consider the Corner Counter

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Kitchen Sink Placement: Why You Should Consider the Corner Counter

Kitchen Sink Placement: Why You Should Consider the Corner Counter

Kitchen corners—now there’s an issue that hassles nearly every homeowner. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or getting one built on from scratch in your new pad, that annoying perpendicular corner is bound to give you a headache.

On one hand, you want to make the most of the given space. On the other, you don’t want it to become the space where you fear bumping and banging your head and torso against edges.

You first choice is a cabinet, obviously. But we will counter that thought, and present to you the next best idea—a kitchen sink!

Away With You (To The Corner)

Think about it, a corner is the perfect place to install a kitchen sink—provided you have enough space. Most standard counter corners have plenty of space for aStainless Steel Kitchen Sinks round or zero-radius sink to fit it.

You might ask, why not just place the sink at the leg of the L-shaped end?

Sure, it’s a given that the sink takes up the space at the edge. However, moving away from the norm and allotting that corner space for a sink has quite a few perks.

First off, you now have a way to fill that dreaded corner. It’s also a rarely-accessed location, so you or anyone else in your home can get the prepping and cleaning done without getting in the way as well as move around more easily between washing the veggies and popping them in the pot.

Placing your cleaning stuff in the kitchen cabinets? Place them under the sink cabinet. They’re not frequently needed throughout the day as much as other items, so you can conveniently place them there and not have to worry about reaching in often.

From a style point-of-view, corner kitchen sinks can look appealing, if you choose your colors and designs right. Pick between a single-bowl or double-bowl sink, prop up a drying rack or two on the sides, and you’re all set!

Ease For All

A few things to note before you go ahead with installing the counter at the corner:

  • Make sure you have the dimensions right. In case you are getting a top-mount (drop-in) sink, take the rim’s space in account for you choose your sink.
  • Also, remember that leaning in a sink placed in the corner is a tad trickier. Choose the right depth; it’s important that your sink’s depth is high enough for all persons using the sink frequently to do their job comfortably.
  • And finally, have a skilled contractor install and corner-counter sink for you. While it can be easy for homeowners with some experience in plumbing to DIY a simple kitchen sink installation, a corner sink requires considerate care.

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