Clogged Drains No More! A Few Ways to Ensure Your Drains Remained Unclogged

Clogged Drains

Clogged Drains No More! A Few Ways to Ensure Your Drains Remained Unclogged

Clogged Drains No More! A Few Ways to Ensure Your Drains Remained Unclogged

One of the worst things to happen in life is clogged drains. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but clogged drains are right there among the top of the list of worst things to happen to your kitchen sink. They’re icky, they’re inconvenient and they can be a headache to get rid of, especially when they seem to occur every other day!

So, the best way to make sure you never fix a clogged drain is to take preventive measures to ensure you never have to! Here a few simple ways to keep your drains unclogged the easy way:

Wipe off all food and grease off your plates

One of the biggest culprits of clogged drains is leftover food. While you may be habitual of scraping off all the food off your plate into the trashcan before you rinse them off in the sink, even the tiniest of particles can get stuck in your drain and build up over time to clog your drain.

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Never put anything down the drain and that includes the grease and oil from your food. This grease will stick to the walls of your drain, and keep collecting particles of food, dust and more grease, coating the inside of your pipes.

Use a Screen to Collect Foreign Bodies

You don’t want anything other than water going down that drain; period. Sometimes, it is not always easy to prevent food particles or soap suds from entering your drain and this is where a sink screen or drain-grate comes into the picture.

This acts like a sieve for your drain by catching all the foreign bodies that would have otherwise found their way inside your drain.

Regularly Check Drains for Buildup

You can prevent a massive clogging problem simply by regularly checking your drains for foreign bodies. No clog happens overnight—unless you stuffed a really large object down your drain—and is quite often the result of a buildup stretching over days. Regularly cleaning out your drains—preferably every two weeks—and removing all hair, soap suds, or food particles can help prevent a nasty clog.

Use Cold Water When Using the Disposal

When running your garbage disposal, keep the cold water tap of your sink running to ensure everything goes down the drain like it’s supposed to. Why cold and not hot, you ask? Hot water can make food congeal, and just isn’t as good as cold water when it comes to moving materials down a drain.

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