Location, location, LOCATION! Where You Should Put the Kitchen Sink

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Location, location, LOCATION! Where You Should Put the Kitchen Sink

You might think having a kitchen sink installed is a matter of choosing sink design, material and size. Though this might be so when simply replacing an old sink, it’s a different story when renovating or building a kitchen and figuring out sink placement.

Where oh Where?

The questions that stand are; where does one place a kitchen sink to begin with? Are there things you can take into account? What should you ask yourself with regard to placement?

All these questions are quite pertinent. For this reasons and for those constructing new kitchens or remodeling old ones, we’re going to go over a few factors you might want to take into account when figuring out where to put (or install) the kitchen sink!

Keeping it Close

You might be looking to save a little where you can so you can spend in other areas of choice when it comes to kitchen construction or renovation. When it comes to your kitchen sink, the plumbing infrastructure is a key necessity.

It is often simple and convenient to have your kitchen sink installed near or about preexisting plumping valves, pipes and points.

This should help you save a fair bit on plumbing services which means more money to divert elsewhere!

Out the Window

Do you have a window in your kitchen? What does it open up to? Do you find the scenario appealing? If so, having a kitchen sink installed by a window is a great idea. This is both by way of aesthetic appeal as well as by way of personal comfort.

Working by a window with a view takes away from the stress and monotony of the chore while soaking in some sunlight when the weather allows it!

Keep an Eye on the Family

Another option by way of view, if you’re not one for windows or don’t have one in the kitchen is to have your sink facing the dining or sitting area within your home. This works well if you have an open plan kitchen. It is also a great way to keep an eye on your kids or socialize with your guests while getting work done!

Well Within Reach

If you’re not one who is bothered with mindful dishwashing and chopping by an open window and do not care much for socializing while working, there are other things to look into.

For those of you who like their kitchen time reduced, placing your sink in close proximity to other essential appliances is a great idea! This reduces your work time, raises efficiency and has you spending less energy during your day to day kitchen tasks.

Examples of things you might want close to your sink are dishwashers and waste disposal equipment to name a few.


Some of you might not want to go for the standard side counter sink. Many today have island counters in the middle of their kitchens. These can be used to seat guests and prep food simultaneously. Having a sink in the center counter is not a bad idea at all. This will allow not only for you to work and connect with others. It will also keep the rest of your workstations free from clutter during times of high traffic!

Doubling Up

There is no rule that states you can’t have two sinks. You can use one for the dishes and one to defrost, clean meat and vegetables and perform other such tasks. You could place these at opposite parts of the kitchen for quick and easy access too. Of course this will cost you a bit more, but if you can afford it, why not?

Revisiting the points above, selecting the placement for a new kitchen sink almost seems like fun! That being said, you want a sink that will do justice to the effort you put in installing it. Make sure you purchase a high-quality sink from a reliable vendor!

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