10 Things to Know for Choosing a Kitchen Sink


10 Things to Know for Choosing a Kitchen Sink

10 Things to Know for Choosing a Kitchen Sink


In search for a kitchen sink for your house? A sink is undoubtedly one of the most important components of your kitchen space.  Buy a quality sink, and it would last you for as many as 15 years, in some cases even a lifetime. But with so much variety available in terms of materials, styles and sizes, which kind of kitchen sink would be the best and meet all your functionality and budget requirements?

Here are some great things to know which can make the decision easier. If you still have some questions, reach out to us at Creave Solution, and we’ll help you decide.

Consider the space
1.How much space do you have in your existing kitchen?  If it’s already too cramped, a big sink is what you don’t need, no matter how amazing it looks or how well it goes with the décor. So consider the size, and make sure that you choose a kitchen sink that complements with it and doesn’t look out of place.
2.And when you do have plenty of space? We really like double bowl sinks; you can use one of the bowls for soaking your dishes in hot water and the second one for anything else that you’d like.

What about the material?
3.Okay, so you have decided a size for your kitchen.  Which material should you select? Choices include stainless steel, porcelain, granite composite and natural stone.
4.Stainlessness steel sinks are extremely durable and so simple to maintain, whereas porcelain and natural stone add a touch of authenticity to your space. Porcelain sinks also bring in pretty colors; they are available in so many lovely shades and natural stone sinks can be the perfect match for your countertop. Granite resists scratches.
5.But every material does have its cons. Steel and natural stone can suffer from scratches. Porcelain chips off as well, and granite requires maintenance.

Let’s check out the shape
6.The most common styles of a kitchen sink include the farmhouse, rounded, D-shaped, or mounted.
7.A farmhouse sink is more suitable for a bigger kitchen because it often requires special cabinets to be installed as a base. Nonetheless, it minimizes splashes and nicely accommodates all the big dishes.
8.Mounted sinks can be top-mount or under-mount. A top-mount sink features a dropped in rim, holding the bowl in place. An under-mount sink offers a sleek, modern look
9.As the name implies, rounded sinks have a curved edges, which makes them super easy to clean.

Want added functionality?
10.Kitchen sinks are often available with many accessories, such as a drain board, preparation bowls, cutting boards, knife blocks and racks.

Creave Solution can help!

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