How to Keep Your Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Looking Great

There’s something about a clean, spotless, and shiny stainless steel sink that just calms your spirit and makes you feel at ease.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a new sink or one you’ve had for years, cleaning and maintenance is required for all types of sinks to increase their life.
It’s normal for your kitchen sink to get dirty after a large bout of dishwashing. However, thorough cleaning protects it from damage.
Let’s take a look at the best practices to clean stainless steel kitchen sinks so that they stay spotless and shiny for years!
Regular Cleaning
As is the case with most things used on a daily basis, regular cleaning is required to help maintain the sink’s quality and finish.
Stainless steel sinks also require daily scrubbing with non-abrasive soaps and soft sponges. Wipe down the bowls and drying tray after each dishwashing cycle and use a cotton cloth to dry the water and soap suds.
Sanitizing And Disinfecting
Stainless steel is a hygienic material that ensures no bacteria accumulates in the sink over time. However, you can use commercial disinfecting powders to sanitize the surface and surrounding countertops.
Make sure you’re wearing gloves to protect your skin from chemical solvents. If you want to avoid using harsh chemical bleach, use equal parts of warm water and vinegar to rinse the stainless reel sink.
Let the mixture rest on the stainless steel surface for a few minutes and use a sponge to wipe and dry the sink.
Remove Mineral Deposits
Hard water can cast a white film on the surface of stainless steel sinks which can lead to dirty discolored stains.
The best way to remove the hard water mineral deposits from the surface of the sink is by using baking soda to scrub away the hard stains.
Stainless steel faucets may have a higher percentage of hard water stain with heavy deposits resting on the countertop. Use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to gently scrub away at the stains using a soft-bristled brush.
Dry Stainless Steel Sink
The most important step to make toward protecting your stainless steel sinks and making sure it lasts a long time—pat it dry!
After scrubbing and wiping away the dirt, food particles and hard water stains, the sink surface needs a thorough drying to avoid water droplet stains.
For a shiny, scratch-free, and smooth surface, it’s essential to use a cotton washcloth to wipe the leftover water and dry the sink and countertop.
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