The Great Kitchen Debate: Topmount Single Bowl Sinks vs. Double Bowl Sinks

Great Kitchen Debate

The Great Kitchen Debate: Topmount Single Bowl Sinks vs. Double Bowl Sinks

When shopping for a kitchen sink, people often get confused—should they opt for a single bowl or a double bowl sink?

In the past,double bowl sinks were quite popular. They had one bowl, which was used for cleaning the dishes while the other one had clean water.

However, this was before dishwashers became a common household item. Nowadays single bowl sinks have started replacing double. Here is a look at both of these sinks:

Single Bowl Sink

A single bowl sink consists of one basin that is pretty large in size. This kind of sink does not consist of any kind of dividers and has gained quite a lot of popularity in the last couple of years. In fact, they have all but replaced double bowl sinks.Single Bowl Sink

Double Bowl Sink

As mentioned previously, a double bowl sink consists of two sections, separated by a divider. Both sinks are of an equal size; however, lately there are manufacturers who have made units where one sink is bigger than the other.This is done primarily to save space.

Advantages Of Single Bowl Sinks

There are several benefits that homeowners get when they install a single bowl sink in their kitchens. Some of these include:

  • It is preferable to install these kinds of sinks in kitchens where there is limited space available.
  • These types of sinks have more room. This allows homeowners to easily wash large pots and pans in the sink. Since they do not have a divider there is no issue of the dishes bumping into it and getting damaged.Double Bowl Sink

Disadvantages Of Single Bowl Sinks

There are certain disadvantages of single bowl sinks as well. These include:

  • Since there are no dividers, there are times when the sink can look quite messy.
  • There is no access to the garbage disposal in case the sink is full of dirty dishes or water.

Advantages Of Double Bowl Sinks

Some of the advantages of double bowl sinks include:

  • The sinks are ideal for people who wash dishes manually. Homeowners have the option of keeping a separate rack where they can place all the washed items and let them dry.
  • Homeowners have the option of placing all dirty dishes on one side while cleaning vegetables, that will be used for meal preparation.
  • Since there is more than one sink available, the garbage disposal system is always accessible.

Disadvantages Of Double Bowl Sinks

Some disadvantages of double bowl sinks include:

  • These types of sinks occupy space in the kitchen. It can be a problem for homeowners who do not have a lot of space available.

At the end of the day, the decision to purchase the sink lies in the hands of homeowners. Get in touch with us. We offer wholesale kitchen sinks. In addition to that, we also offer kitchen accessories. Contact us at +86 760 8863 5810 and give your kitchen the makeover it deserves!