5 Maintenance Tips For Your Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

5 Maintenance Tips For Your Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

5 Maintenance Tips For Your Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

As you look around your kitchen, everything looks great. The plates are neatly racked, the counters are pristine, the stovetops look spotless, and the stainless steel sink…well, the sink is a mess. Months of carelessness and inattention turned it into an eyesore, marring the look of your otherwise catalogue-esque kitchen.

In short, a clean sink stands out in any kitchen, and requires care in maintenance, not only so that it looks pleasing but functions well. Check out these 5 tips to maintain the finish and functionality of your stainless steel kitchen sink.

1. Cleaning on a day-to-day basis

Many people take the sink out of their daily kitchen-cleaning equation, primarily based on the thought that the sink, being the tool for cleaning, can’t really be dirty.

In truth, the kitchen sink is likely one of the dirtiest parts of your kitchen. Between the oil from the pans and the sticky dust, there is a lot of muck that can be on your sink. Regular cleaning is imperative to make sure your kitchen sink looks great for a long time.

2. Mild products and hand at cleaning

Keep the harsh cleaning solutions away from that stainless steel! The mildest cleaning products can definitely do the job of giving you a spotless, shiny kitchen sink—if you do the cleaning right. Make use of softer scrubbing cloths and pads, and rub gently but vigorously to ease off the build-up.

3. Unclogging build-ups ASAP

Kitchen sink drains get clogged-up, no big deal. The problem begins when you ignore a build-up.

Here’s how you know it’s time to pick up the plunger: is the water draining slower than usual? Despite there being residue on or near the drain plug, the water takes its sweet time going doing, usually with a loud gurgling noise. When that happens, make sure to unclog the sink before the problem becomes too difficult to handle.

4. Scratch and stab freeDouble Bowl Rectangle Kitchen Sink

Knives, forks, other sharp utensils, heavy pots and pans—make sure nothing you put in the kitchen sink stabs or bangs against the surfaces. Scratches not only deteriorate the sheen of the sink, but bacteria can build-up more easily along nicked and scratched surfaces. It’s advisable that you use a rubber dish mat when cleaning heavy and sharp utensils in your stainless steel kitchen sink.

5. Rinsing and drying per use

Stainless steel may be insusceptible to rusting, but that does not mean that you forget to rinse and dry the kitchen after every use.  Drying your sink after cleaning with a soft cloth prevents water mineral spotting. If your kitchen sink gets super-dirty, cleaning it with mild soap before you rinse it.

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