Kitchen Sink Cleaning Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Sink

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Kitchen Sink Cleaning Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Sink

Your kitchen is one of the most important parts of your home, and if you’re spending a lot of time in this space, you’re definitely spending most of it by the kitchen sink.

From prepping vegetables for your dinner to cleaning up after, majority of the kitchen tasks are centered on the sink. So of course, it’s important to make sure you take care of the poor overused sink.

Our sink experts at CreaVe, a leading kitchen sink supplier, have put together a few cleaning habits you think might be beneficial but are actually ruining your kitchen sink. Here’s what you need to avoid doing:

Dumping The Wrong Things Down The Drain

When you’re washing dishes after a meal, it’s okay to let liquids and gravies drain in the sink, but solids like seeds and bones need to be cleared off the dishes before they’re washed. Letting them down in the drain might be a simpler solution but it causes overflowing drains and broken drain pipes.

Harsh Cleaning Solutions

Most people get around to cleaning their kitchen sinks only once in a while and even then, they try to do away with quickly pouring harsh solutions.

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The chemicals in this solution, however, reduce the smoothness of the sink bowl and end up eroding the walls of the drain pipes. Strong, harsh cleaning solutions are incredibly detrimental to the appearance and durability of kitchen sinks.

Steel Wool, Steel Brushes Or Highly Abrasive Cleaning Pads

Using abrasive agents to scrub your sink will scratch the surface and dull its appearance. Steel brushes need to be avoided because if the bristles break apart, the carbon remnants mix in with the material of the sink and cause it to rust.

Use soft, non-abrasive tools like soft microfiber cloths. To scrub, use mesh and soft sponges. Remove any remaining residue with a clean, gentle and cry cloth.

Accumulating Maintenance Needs

Most homeowners tend to ignore small repairs and problems around the kitchen unless they have a few of them to take care of together. This isn’t the best idea, especially if you have a plumbing issue.

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Never ignore issues in your kitchen sink. Always make sure you get maintenance and repairs done as soon as you find them necessary.

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