A Guide to Replacing an Old Kitchen Sink

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A Guide to Replacing an Old Kitchen Sink

A Guide to Replacing an Old Kitchen Sink

Contrary to popular belief, replacing a kitchen sink isn’t rocket science. All one needs to remove a faulty sink and replace it with a new one is a trusty wrench, a robust screwdriver, small buckets, a little patience, and a lot of Determination.

Once you have these items with you, here’s how you can replace a busted sink in no time.

Step #1 – Cut off the Supply:

If you’re not careful, you can cause irreversible damage to your floor in a short while. The hot and cold water valves are your faulty sink.

Step #2 – Drain Excess Water:

A simple way of ensuring that you don’t make a mess is by positioning buckets under all drain lines. This will allow excess. Water to be discarded in a safe way.

Step #3 – Loosen the Coupling Nuts:

Work up the coupling nuts until your sink’s drain lines detach from the baskets and you’re good to go.

Step #4 – Removing the Faulty Sink:

Then comes the difficult part, removing the sink altogether. Begin by removing the locknuts, then move on the screws and the clamps. Once done, you should be able to separate the lip of the sink from the kitchen aisle. However, before you Remove the sink, remember to pull the pipes apart so that you don’t trip and fall!

Step #5 – Attaching the Replacement Sink:

Naturally, the next task on our guide is to install the new sink. However, before we can get to that, we will need to take to make sure that the counter is ready to accommodate a new sink. This can be achieved by screwing the Upper ends of new bolts into the cavities of the old clips.

Step #6 – Alignment:

Kitchen Sink Suppliers in ChinaNow that the countertop can hold a new sink, we must carefully align the sink and the kitchen aisle. A simple way of doing that is by starting at the top and working your way to the bottom. Adjust the sink so that its drain valves are Perfectly in line with the plumbing in your kitchen as this can help you save hundreds of dollars in plumbing remodels.

Step #7 – Fastening the Sink:

Now that the sink has finally been installed, it’s time that you fastened it to the countertop. Installed the screws, tighten the bolts and look for any additional clips that haven’t been secured.

And there you have it; a simple and concise guide to replacing old kitchen sinks. If you follow this guide, you can easily install the majority of the sinks commercially available today.

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