4 Outdated Kitchen Trends You Should Avoid in 2018

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4 Outdated Kitchen Trends You Should Avoid in 2018

4 Outdated Kitchen Trends You Should Avoid in 2018

When it comes to remodeling a house, the kitchen is the best starting point. As one of the most important parts of the entire house, it is important that the kitchen remains stylish and trendy, so it can boost your energy especially when you’re cooking up some delicious meals.

Before you start, here are some trends our designers at CreaVe recommend you stay away from to prevent a design disaster in your kitchen!

1. Placing Pot Racks in the Center

A large pot rack right in the middle of the kitchen has been a popular trend. However, with the new upcoming design concepts, arranging things out in the open isn’t really trendy anymore. Neatly stacking all your pots and pans in cabinets or drawers is the modern, stylish way to go about your kitchen now.

2. Open Shelves

Setting up kitchen supplies and dishware in open shelves have been quite a viral trend for years now, but honestly, this design concept is best used for books or decorative pieces. You need to be more practical and reasonable when designing a kitchen. Arranging kitchen supplies in an open shelf easily accessible for children doesn’t sound like a great idea. Closed cabinets are definitely more practical as well as efficient when it comes to storage in the kitchen. They are much trendier and offer more space and safety.

3. Rustic Wood

As beautiful as it is, rustic wood really isn’t a trend you should be incorporating in your kitchen. It is a classic design, will definitely add a great vibe to the entire house but it’s not very vibrant and will seem incredibly boring in a few years.

When you remodel your kitchen, you want to set it up in a way that will keep it looking stylish and modern for years to come, in which case, the rustic wood design isn’t really a great choice.

4. Over-the-Range Microwaves

For the longest time, it has been common practice for people to install their microwaves above the cooking range as it saves space. It might be practical, but definitely not trendy anymore. Modern, trendier designs include setting up the microwave on a nearer, more accessible spot so that everyone in the house can use it easily.

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