Double bowls

Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Nothing demands as much quality in functionality as the fixtures in your kitchen. Standing out as one of the often-used fixtures is the sink. Making meals, washing up, cleaning, everything demands the smooth flow of clean water, and our double bowl kitchen sinks will give you just that.

Engineered out of the highest quality stainless steel, our double bowl sinks are tested for ease-of-use. The double-bowl design delivers convenience to those who need to divide and conquer washing when conducting day-to-day kitchen tasks.

There’s more. Each of these fixtures delivers:

  • Durability:Our stainless steel sinks are suitable for extended use every day, making design and functionality last for years.
  • Quieter Use:The luxury steel look does more than just add to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Experience a noise-free use with our sinks every time!
  • Bacteria-Resistant:We also offer double bowl kitchen sinks with nanotexture finishing to prevent residue and bacteria buildup.

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    Our Nano Stainless Steel is crafted from heavy duty food grade 304 stainless steel. This means our stainless steel comprises a minimum of 18% chromium and 9% nickel for great anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties.

    The Nano Sink is coated with PVD technology for a stunning smooth finish and designed in eco-friendly anti-condensation paint with great modern & simple looks


    • R10 corners
    • X flume design
    • 5 sound deadening pads
    • Suitable for drop-in, top mount and under mount
  • S-7540B | Double bowl kitchen sink

    Make a statement in your kitchen with CreaVe’s trendy double bowl, kitchen sink. Made from steel, a popular choice for kitchen sinks, this product offers same size for both bowls with design in style and elegance, integrating well in any space.  With its neat look, the modern sink is sure to suit a variety of kitchen styles. Prominent features include its quiet technology and durability.

    The CreaVe kitchen sink is resistant to stains and prevents rust. The sink has been treated so as to maintain water temperatures and not get damaged by hot pans.

    • Double bowl stainless steel sink
    • Efficient and quit performance
    • Durable option

  • S-8143A1 | Top Mount Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

    The modern design of this top mount stainless steel sink ensures a quick and easy cleaning as the differently sized bowls accommodate all kitchen utensils.
    Adding a touch of elegance and functionality to kitchens, the double bowl kitchen sink is made from strong and hardwearing steel materials. The sound absorption technology further ensures a quiet and efficient cleaning.
    This CreaVe top mount double bowl stainless steel sink has been treated with a sealant that prevents stains and scratches.
    • Double bowl efficient performance
    • Top mount installation
    • Durable stainless steel sink

  • S-8549C | Top Mount Double Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

    Add the perfect touch of style and elegance to your kitchens with this top mount double bowl stainless steel sink.
    This modern kitchen sink is manufactured using top quality stainless steel materials that ensure its durability and longevity.
    Equipped with twin bowls with double drains, washing dishes is now a quick and easy task. Coated with a protective sealant that prevents scratches and water stains, the beautiful and shiny quality doesn’t fade with time.
    Easy to maintain and clean, the CreaVe kitchen sink is an ideal choice for all homeowners.
    • Modern durable kitchen sink
    • Twin stainless steel basins
    • Striking appearance
    • Scratch resistant

  • S-7238 | Topmount double bowl kitchen sink

    This double bowl kitchen sink is made from high quality steel which provides a non-porous surface that keeps bacteria away, offers a resistance to corrosion and scratches and prevents stains. The surface is also sealed with an external coating for added protection. With its two deep basins, the double bowl stainless steel sink can accommodate a number of bigger dishes with ease. The corners are rounded off for simple maintenance.
    The CreaVe sink comes with a sound absorption system that minimizes noise.
    • Modern kitchen sink
    • Two basins of different sizes
    • Made from stainless steel
  • H-7843 | Double bowl retangle sink

    This stainless steel sink is built to the highest standards.  It is made from heavy duty, quality steel and coated with a protective finishing that prevents rust and corrosion. Plus, the layer provides this large kitchen sink with a stunning, smooth finish that is oil proof, scratch resistant and bacteria free. 
    The two bowls of the rectangle sink are deep for greater functionality and the bottom is padded so as to reduce kitchen noise. This sink is easy to maintain and can be cleaned quickly.
    • Nano kitchen sink
    • Suitable for topmount or undermount installation
    • Simple maintenance

  • H-7541 | Grey double bowl nano stainless steel sink

    A sink is one of the most important components of any kitchen, contributing to both functionality and appearance. This modern nano stainless steel kitchen caters to both extremely well!

    The rectangle sink is constructed using high quality steel, which is protected with an anti condensation coating. This layer, not only provides a smooth, sleek finishing touch, but also plays a role in warding off bacteria, preventing scratches and keeping the surface oil free.

    The sink features two bowls of different sizes.
    • Nano black stainless steel sink
    • Double basins
    • Contemporary design

  • H-7240 | Black double bowl nano stainless steel sink

    A sink is often the central focus of any kitchen, so it should be absolutely stunning. This nano technology black stainless steel sink is the perfect choice whether you are redesigning your kitchen or constructing a new one.  This rectangle sink is made from high quality steel and fixed with sound absorption pads to reduce kitchen noise. It comes with two installation options: undermount and topmount.
    The modern, sleek design and the deep rectangular bowl ensure greater functionality than standard options.
    • Nano stainless steel sink
    • Rectangular shape
    • Anti condensation coating