Granite Sinks

Sink is an important part of every kitchen, because of its high frequency of use and importance, we need to focus on the selection of sink materials and design to make sure it is easy to use. Granite  sink as an appropriate material  has a very significant advantage in high temperature and hardness.

CreaVe granite  sink provide you with a variety of options in different colors.We can provide you with any colors as long as you feel it can match the tone of your home kitchen or bathroom, .

The surface of the granite sink feels very texturous, which is the essential feature of the high-end sink. After many processing and grinding, the granite sink of CreaVe has the same surface touch as natural stone.

Granite sink can also be installed on the topmount and undermount. The topmount is easy to install while the undermount is convenient to clean. As its stone material factor, you do not need to consider the problem of rust.

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