G-T10050L | Dual Bowl Quartz Sink

G-T10050L | Dual Bowl Quartz Sink

This granite sink looks great in any kitchen and makes it stand out with a dual bowl design and fine craftsmanship. You have 8 color options to choose from to them your kitchen exactly how you want.


CreaVe products are hygienic, environmentally friendly, and durable, so you choose quality when you buy this sink.


Here are some other features this sink offers:

  • Dual bowl design to maximize productivity.
  • Silent operation.
  • Stain and oil resistance.
  • Long life and reduced wear.
  • Antibacterial and odor resistant nature.
  • Heat resistance.
  • Easy-to-clean design.


G-T10050L Description


Part of CreaVe’s Herrera Series is the G-Y10050L granite sink that encapsulates modern design, practicality, and durability in a dual bowl package.


We make our sinks from the finest materials and rigorously test them to ensure that you get what you paid for.


Thanks to the latest technology we use for our granite sinks, you get more durable and environmentally friendly products.
You don’t have to worry about placing your sink near a stove because our sinks can handle up to 280 degrees Celsius of heat.


Do you hate the sound of water or when you get splashed from your sink? We engineer our sinks to be silent and design them to reduce the possibility of water splashing on you while you’re washing dishes or preparing a meal. The design ensures that no water pools in the sink, thereby reducing the risk of corrosion to your drain and pipes.


Our sink will save you expensive plumbing costs by trapping particles in its easy-to-clean drain. That’s not all! The non-porous design prevents water from damaging your sink or the counter surrounding it.


With its sleek bezels, this top mount quartz sink is perfect for any kitchen and can help you make it look exactly how you want it.


The antibacterial nature of the sink prevents any harmful substances or odors from lurking to improve your kitchen’s hygiene.


Sink Drawing

Square Dual Bowl Granite Sink size
Square Dual Bowl Granite Sink size


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Item model number    G-T10050L
Brand name CreaVe
Length overall    100cm
Width overall   50cm
Depth of  bowl 22cm
Type of Material Granite/Quartz
Number of Bowls 2
Nano Technology    No
Installation Method Topmount

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