Common Kitchen Sink Problems (And How You Can Tackle Them)

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Common Kitchen Sink Problems (And How You Can Tackle Them)

Common Kitchen Sink Problems (And How You Can Tackle Them)

Kitchen sinks—they’re among the most important parts of any kitchen, yet one you worry the least about. Walking in the kitchen, you never expect your sink to malfunction. Maybe it’s the plumbing that keeps you from worrying about it. With no Energy source needed to run, a kitchen sink should work just fine, right?

Except, kitchen sinks do become problematic, albeit rarely. And when that happens, you may freak out more than than, say, if the microwave stopped working.

Before you go and get the entire plumbing system uprooted, you might want to make sure if the problem is actually solvable without any extreme measures. Here are a few problems you may encounter in your kitchen sink overtime:

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are typically a result of the buildup of debris from foodstuff and other things that go down the drain—which, needless to say, makes it the most common kitchen sink problem. The debris attracts critters and environmental particles, which means that a clogged Drain becomes more clogged  in a very short time.

A plunger comes in handy to pull up the buildup yourself without having to resort to chemicals. You can reach down and get the debris out, or using a chemical dissolver if physical intervention does not work.

If all else fails, dial a plumber.

Blocked Faucets

Water flow from the kitchen sink faucet slowing down? The faucet may be clogged up. It’s usually the result of hard water buildup. Overtime, hard water deposits cause water pipes to get clogged up, adding strain to the pipe walls and creating leaks.

Another cause of a blocked faucet is prolonged lack of use. If you’re using a sink after a long period of time, buildup occurs in pipes.

You can check for a blocked faucet by unscrewing the end and pulling out the strainer. In many cases, the right course of action is replacing the faucet. A professional plumber can provide you with better advice.

Drain/Faucet Leaks

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks ProblemsIf your kitchen sink is leaking, direct your attention to where the leak is originating from. If it’s leaking underneath, then there is likely a problem with drain basket. Essentially, the water that’s asked to flow off in the main plumbing system is leaking out Because the connection is not sealed properly, or is damaged. You’ll need to get the faulty parts replaced.

If the water is leaking from the faucet, make sure to check if the handle hasn’t been closed off properly. If the handle is tightly shut, and the leak continues, you might need to get the interior checked out to see if the anything Is problematic.

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