Kitchen Decor: What Should You Consider?

Kitchen Decor: What Should You Consider?

Kitchen Decor: What Should You Consider?


A kitchen is an important part of your home, where all the action takes place. From entertaining guests to knitting and uniting the families together, we use our kitchen for so many tasks – it is truly the heart of our homes. And so, it should be warm and functional, something which your kitchen design and decor can assure. Here are some of our favorite tips including selecting a residential kitchen sink that can work wonders for a highly convenient and friendly kitchen space.


Get a sleek designed, residential kitchen sink
A kitchen sink contributes to the aesthetics of the space. With so many varieties to choose from, which ones would be the best for your kitchen? Stainless steel kitchen sinks are a good choice; CreaVe’s offers a wide range in different sizes and depths, and with both a single and double bowls. Stainless steel sinks have a sleek, modern look, so they generally, look amazing in any kitchen, complementing well with the colours and rest of the decor. 


Make enough space
Storage is essential, and is usually never enough. Plan for it well, using up literally every cranny that you can.  Install cabinets up to the ceiling; the gap isn’t needed because it will only collect dust. Yeah, reaching the top wouldn’t be so convenient, but you can always use a ladder, and anyway, you can use that space for storing kitchen items that you seldom use.


Consider installing deep drawers that allow you easy access to pans. Also make sure that some shelves off your cabinets are big enough for the appliances, or they’ll all end up in a clutter on your countertop.


Work the lights
A kitchen should be lit up well for a welcoming look, but the light shouldn’t be creating unnecessary shadows. So rather than the light following behind you, you need it right in front of you.  Ceilings light fixtures right over the countertops are a good choice, or you could even have them at the bottom of the cabinets; they’d still shine on the surface of your countertops.
If your kitchen has windows, install light filtering blinds, and draw them open.


Ensure a safe space
Safety is always essential; make your kitchen is completely safe and as family friendly as possible. When preparing meals and cooking food, you should have a good visibility into the backyard or the living room, if you have kids or pets in the house. Consider other safety elements as well such as slip resistant flooring, rounded countertop and oven installed at the right height.


Clear up the air
Install a range hood for ventilating odours, but make sure that you get an efficient and quiet product.


Stock up the right kitchen accessories
Ensure that your kitchen is stocked up with the right accessories for functionality and convenience. Drainer tray, chopping boards, measuring cups, garbage disposal and other products all make it easier to work in the kitchen.


CreaVe as a kitchen sink manufacturer in China and solution provider offers a complete solution tailored to your needs. Get in touch with us for more information.