Common Problems to Avoid When Installing a Kitchen Sink

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Common Problems to Avoid When Installing a Kitchen Sink

Common Problems to Avoid When Installing a Kitchen Sink

Your sink is one of the most used fixtures in your kitchen. A proper installation of a good quality sink can save you from having to replace it for a lifetime. But there are a few things people forget to take into consideration when installing a new sink during a remodel. These can end up costing you more than you planned on putting into your new kitchen!

Here we’ve listed the most common mistakes people make when installing a new kitchen sink:

Choose all your fixtures first

At times, the height of the sink is higher than the space your contractor left for it. In such a case you may need to cut a hole into your new cabinets, or even remove the cabinets altogether to make room for your new sink.

Another problem that can occur when you install your cabinets before choosing your sink is that your sink may not fit the pipe connections you installed. That can be a costly mistake to undo.

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Choosing a sink—and all other fixtures—before starting the remodeling job will help you make sure everything’s the right size and in its correct place, ensuring you’re free from a hefty repair job.

Install New Flooring beneath All Fixtures

At times, when remodeling their kitchen, people tend to forget—or choose not to—change the flooring underneath their dishwashers, sinks and floor cabinets. The problem with this is that in case of any repairs—or when installing a new fixture, the plumber will find it impossible to remove the existing fixtures because the flooring heights are different.

This can be another costly mistake; to install the new equipment, you may need to remove the flooring or counter surrounding the equipment and put it back together after you’re done.

When you replace the flooring of your kitchen, make sure to remember to change it in all places, and not just those which are in clear view.

Vent your Sink Properly

Venting your kitchen sinks properly is a must to avoid getting exposed to sewer gases, pests, and vermin. It also prevents your drains from clogging, saving you numerous plumbing jobs to fix clogged drains. And because of the food, grease and oil that regularly gets washed down a drain, kitchen sinks are at higher risk of getting clogged. This is why it is twice as important that your kitchen drains be properly vented.

Choose Your New Kitchen Sink Now

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