• S-6045C | Topmount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

    Introduce a modern touch in your kitchen with this sleek single bowl sink. Designed for topmount installation, this kitchen sink acts as the focal point, becoming instantly noticeable in an appealing sort of way.
    The single bowl sink features a sound absorbing system which reduces noise, resulting in a quieter performance. With a centralized drain, water doesn’t collect in the basin and passes through easily. And when you are done, the round edge makes cleaning a matter of minutes. Get this sink today!
    • Single bowl, stainless steel sink
    • Modern design
    • Reliable and noiseless performance

  • S-7050 | Single Basin Stainless Steel Sink

    Revamp your kitchen, adding a touch of style and elegance with this uniquely shaped single bowl, stainless steel sink. The surface of the sink is coated with a beautiful satin brushing that protects the stainless material underneath and gives the sink a classy touch.
    This single bowl sink is made from high quality steel, which is durable, non-porous, rust free and hygienic. The sink bottom has been insulated well. Sound pads have also been fitted so as to prevent noise.
    • Modern look
    • Single basin, stainless steel sink
    • Durable sink, lasting for several years

  • S-7540B | Double bowl kitchen sink

    Make a statement in your kitchen with CreaVe’s trendy double bowl, kitchen sink. Made from steel, a popular choice for kitchen sinks, this product offers same size for both bowls with design in style and elegance, integrating well in any space.  With its neat look, the modern sink is sure to suit a variety of kitchen styles. Prominent features include its quiet technology and durability.

    The CreaVe kitchen sink is resistant to stains and prevents rust. The sink has been treated so as to maintain water temperatures and not get damaged by hot pans.

    • Double bowl stainless steel sink
    • Efficient and quit performance
    • Durable option

  • S-7540SA | Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

    The unique design of this single bowl stainless steel sink makes it an ideal addition to modern kitchens.
    Equipped with a side tray ribbed with grooves to drain water from dishes, the rectangular single bowl sink offers a stylish and functional purpose.
    The durable and sturdy stainless steel sinks is coated with a shiny finish and protective sealant which makes it scratch-resistant.
    The CreaVe kitchen stainless steel sink is manufactured using top quality material that ensures longevity of the sink.
    • Top mount installation
    • Striking appearance
    • Single bowl stainless steel sink
    • Modern durable design

  • S-7540SA | Topmount Kitchen Sink With Tray

    With its elegant and natural stainless steel color, the single bowl stainless steel sink adds a sophisticated vibe to modern homes.

    The drying tray on the side is a welcome addition to the top mount and under mount kitchen sink fitting.

    The large kitchen sink is manufactured with special handling that makes the surface resistant to scratches, stains, and corrosion.

    The shiny stainless steel surface is coated with a protective sealant that is easy to clean and keeps the sink bacteria-free!

    • Modern durable design
    • Fantastic stainless steel sink
    • Easy to clean
    • Large bowl with an attached drying tray
    • Top mount and under mount installation
  • S-8143A1 | Top Mount Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

    The modern design of this top mount stainless steel sink ensures a quick and easy cleaning as the differently sized bowls accommodate all kitchen utensils.
    Adding a touch of elegance and functionality to kitchens, the double bowl kitchen sink is made from strong and hardwearing steel materials. The sound absorption technology further ensures a quiet and efficient cleaning.
    This CreaVe top mount double bowl stainless steel sink has been treated with a sealant that prevents stains and scratches.
    • Double bowl efficient performance
    • Top mount installation
    • Durable stainless steel sink

  • S-8549C | Top Mount Double Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

    Add the perfect touch of style and elegance to your kitchens with this top mount double bowl stainless steel sink.
    This modern kitchen sink is manufactured using top quality stainless steel materials that ensure its durability and longevity.
    Equipped with twin bowls with double drains, washing dishes is now a quick and easy task. Coated with a protective sealant that prevents scratches and water stains, the beautiful and shiny quality doesn’t fade with time.
    Easy to maintain and clean, the CreaVe kitchen sink is an ideal choice for all homeowners.
    • Modern durable kitchen sink
    • Twin stainless steel basins
    • Striking appearance
    • Scratch resistant

  • S-9643SA | Single Bowl Stainless Steel Sink With Tray

    The sleek and modern design of this single bowl stainless steel sink is an ideal fit for contemporary homes.

    The large kitchen sinks come with a big basin, which with a drainage system to speed up the cleaning process.

    The attached drying tray on the side provides extra space for stacking and drying dishes, pots, utensils and cutlery.

    The high-quality stainless steel material is durable, sturdy and lasts for a long time without wear and tear.

    The shiny protective coating keeps the surface scratch-free and the easy maintenance guarantees a bacteria-free and corrosion-proof sink.

    • Large bowl with an attached drying tray
    • Durable and hard wearing option
    • Scratch resistant nano stainless steel
    • Top mount and under mount installation
  • S-7238 | Topmount double bowl kitchen sink

    This double bowl kitchen sink is made from high quality steel which provides a non-porous surface that keeps bacteria away, offers a resistance to corrosion and scratches and prevents stains. The surface is also sealed with an external coating for added protection. With its two deep basins, the double bowl stainless steel sink can accommodate a number of bigger dishes with ease. The corners are rounded off for simple maintenance.
    The CreaVe sink comes with a sound absorption system that minimizes noise.
    • Modern kitchen sink
    • Two basins of different sizes
    • Made from stainless steel
  • S-5843C | Topmount single basin sink

    This single bowl stainless steel sink features a luxurious satin finish which makes cleaning easier while protecting the product’s life. It comes with sound pads that reduce noise when the sink is being used. Made from stainless steel, this single bowl sink is a durable option that would last a good number of years in your kitchen.

    The kitchen sink can be installed as topmount. Its softly curved corners improve its appearance, adding to its elegance and making it easier to clean. With its width of 35.8 cm, this sink makes kitchen work easier.
    • Rectangle sink
    • Topmout installation
    • Functional and durable

  • S-5843A | Single bowl sink

    This single bowl stainless steel sink is an extremely durable product that you can use for a good number of years.  Steel provides durability to the sink and also plays a role in keeping bacteria away. The sink comes with a sound absorption system that lowers metal resonance and thus, the noise.

    This topmount kitchen sink is easy to clean and resists the formation of scratches. If the surface is affected a slight bit, the coating masks the defects.

    • Impressive appearance
    • Sound absorption system
    • A durable kitchen sink 
  • S-5343 | Farm kitchen sink

    Looking around for a single bowl sink that you can use for as long as 10 years? Creave’s topmount installation, single bowl stainless steel sinks are what you need then.   This farm kitchen sink has been coated with a protective layer so as to minimize scratches. Plus, the rounded corners make it easy for you to clean the sink, while improving its appearance.
    • Simple to clean
    • Beautiful appearance that gels well with any décor
    • Lasts for a number of years