• G-U0045C | Circle Single Bowl Quartz Sink

    CreaVe’s Orla Series of quartz sinks lives up to the company’s name of delivering quality while remaining aesthetically appealing.

    With 8 different colors to choose from, the G-U0045C is an excellent addition to any kitchen. This beautiful quartz sink is perfect for small and large kitchens, and we rigorously test it for durability.

    This sink can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius, so you don’t have to worry about placing it too close to the stove. Additionally, it is resistant to chips and scratches, making it an excellent option for everyday use.

    At CreaVe solutions, we design our products for practicality and comfort, and the Orla Series is no different. We have engineered our sinks to last the test of time and practicality.

    Cleaning the sink is simple for anyone to do and prevents your plumbing from becoming clogged. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the loud sound of water or getting splashed while washing because our sinks are sloped to keep you dry and the decibels low.

    Thanks to this sink’s corrosion-resistant properties, you don’t need to worry about acidic and alkaline substances damaging it.

    We make our sinks using environmentally friendly practices and the latest technology to improve quality, so this product is ideal for anyone who wants a good product that contributes to a greener environment.

    This sink comes with creature comforts such as:

    • Odor and bacterial resistance.
    • Impact resistance.
    • Long life and low wear.
    • Easy-to-clean nature.
    • Heat resistant design.
    • Silent operation.
    • Stain resistance.
    • Corrosion resistance.
  • G-U6146D | Square Single Bowl Quartz Sink

    Functional yet elegant. CreaVe Solution brings you a beautiful single bowl quartz sink.

    Part of the beautiful Beth Series line of kitchen sinks, the G-U6146D is highly resilient with its robustly engineered features.

    You don’t have to worry about nicks or bumps because we test our products rigorously to ensure that they can stand everyday wear and the test of time.

    Worried about which sink to get if your stove is near it? This sink is heat resistant to prolong its life! The non-porous design of our quartz sinks ensures that you don’t have to worry about water or other materials damaging it or the countertop.

    Modernizing your home is easy with the 8 different color options that we offer with this quartz sink. Made with environmentally friendly materials and processes, this sink is perfect for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint!

    For those worried about cleaning, don’t be! The easy-to-clean design is perfect for preventing clogged drains and preventing expensive long-term repair costs. We engineer our sinks for your comfort, so you don’t have to worry about excessive noise due to our muting technology, nor about water splashing on your while washing or preparing.

    You also never have to worry about water pooling because we engineer our sinks to drain out water to prevent any corrosion or germs due to standing water.

    Our sink offers superior convenience such as:

    • Odor and bacterial resistance.
    • Impact resistance.
    • Long life and low wear.
    • Easy-to-clean nature.
    • Heat resistant design.
    • Silent operation.
    • Stain resistance.
  • G-U7646G | Square Dual Bowl Quartz Sink

    For those who want to maximize their productivity but don’t want to compromise on elegance or durability, the G-U7646G is perfect for you.

    The under-mount design of this quartz sink makes it extremely easy to maintain since no debris will ever get caught under it.

    This sink’s minimalistic design blends into whichever counter your install it in, especially when you pick from one of the 8 color options we provide.

    We make our sinks from the latest technology to make them durable and comply with the latest environmental regulations to help reduce the global carbon footprint. CreaVe sinks are highly durable and resistant to chips and scratches, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them.

    Expect practicality when you invest in this quartz sink because its dual bowl design allows you to multitask and get more work done. If you aren’t a fan of the noise of water, then you’d be glad to know that we design our sinks for mute operation and to reduce the chances of water splashing on you while using it.

    This beautiful quartz sink is not only durable but also looks great in your kitchen. Even if you have an older kitchen, you can modernize its look by investing in this sink, whose boxy and elegantly cut edges give it a timeless look.

    Keep your kitchen’s look fresh with this sink and its:

    • Non-porous design.
    • Mute operation and splash reduction.
    • Stain and oil resistance.
    • Odor-free nature.
    • Heat resistance up to 300 degrees Celsius.
    • Impact resistance.
    • Dual bowl design for increased productivty.
  • S-U4540 | Undermout stainless steel sink

    Looking around for a beautiful single bowl stainless steel sink that makes your space looks classier and more impressive? Our single bowl kitchen sink is the perfect solution! Installed as a undermount sink, this product is sure to integrate with your existing kitchen décor.
    The pantry sink has rounded edges, which not only improve its appearance, but also make it easier to clean. Manufactured through an advanced process, our sinks ensure a quieter kitchen environment with their sound absorption system. Let’s add some class and functionality to your kitchen – order this sink today!
    • Durable option
    • Made from stainless steel
    • Resistant to scratches

  • H-7843 | Double bowl retangle sink

    This stainless steel sink is built to the highest standards.  It is made from heavy duty, quality steel and coated with a protective finishing that prevents rust and corrosion. Plus, the layer provides this large kitchen sink with a stunning, smooth finish that is oil proof, scratch resistant and bacteria free. 
    The two bowls of the rectangle sink are deep for greater functionality and the bottom is padded so as to reduce kitchen noise. This sink is easy to maintain and can be cleaned quickly.
    • Nano kitchen sink
    • Suitable for topmount or undermount installation
    • Simple maintenance

  • H-7541 | Grey double bowl nano stainless steel sink

    A sink is one of the most important components of any kitchen, contributing to both functionality and appearance. This modern nano stainless steel kitchen caters to both extremely well!

    The rectangle sink is constructed using high quality steel, which is protected with an anti condensation coating. This layer, not only provides a smooth, sleek finishing touch, but also plays a role in warding off bacteria, preventing scratches and keeping the surface oil free.

    The sink features two bowls of different sizes.
    • Nano black stainless steel sink
    • Double basins
    • Contemporary design

  • H-7240 | Black double bowl nano stainless steel sink

    A sink is often the central focus of any kitchen, so it should be absolutely stunning. This nano technology black stainless steel sink is the perfect choice whether you are redesigning your kitchen or constructing a new one.  This rectangle sink is made from high quality steel and fixed with sound absorption pads to reduce kitchen noise. It comes with two installation options: undermount and topmount.
    The modern, sleek design and the deep rectangular bowl ensure greater functionality than standard options.
    • Nano stainless steel sink
    • Rectangular shape
    • Anti condensation coating

  • H-6045 | Single bowl retangle sink

    This stainless steel sink has a sleek look, designed to complement well in any kitchen. Featuring a beautiful neutral shade, this rectangle sink is made from steel of the highest quality which ensures greater durability than regular kitchen sinks. This sink is coated with an anti condensation layer for a smooth, easy to clean surface. The design supports both topmount and undermount installation.
    CreaVe’s sinks are manufactured using advanced processes at state-of-the-art facilities. They are designed after extensive research so quality and reliability are never questionable.
    • Single bowl undermount sink; can be installed as topmount as well
    • Scratch resistant and bacteria free
    • Durable option

  • H-5545 | Black single bowl nano stainless steel sink

    With its rectangular shape and sleek coating, this nano stainless steel sink is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Being highly functional, this single bowl, undermount sink makes chores easier. Plus, it supports topmount installation as well. The rectangle sink features a length of 55 cm, width of 45 cm and depth of 20.5 cm.
    CreaVe’s nano sinks are protected with an anti condensation coating that ensures oil free, scratch resistant and bacteria free surface. 
    • Black stainless steel sink 
    • Based on nano technology for a more hygienic kitchen environment
    • Made from stainless steel for extra durability

  • H-5040 | Grey single bowl nano stainless steel sink

    This rectangular sink is the perfect combination of style, class and functionality. Featuring a single bowl, this sink has been designed so that it can be installed as topmount or undermount whatever you desire.
    The most startling feature of this single bowl is based on nano technology and coated with an environmental friendly layer, giving it a smooth finish. The sink is resistant to scratches, doesn’t get damaged due to oil and always remains bacteria free.
    • Nano stainless steel sink
    • Single basin featuring a sleek and modern look
    • Bacteria and oil free